Press Release Case Study – Allebach Photography

Allebach Photography logo - eReleases press release case studyAllebach Photography logo - eReleases press release case studyAbout Allebach Photography

Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography is a couples boudoir and boudoir photographer located in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

His studio serves over 100 clients a year, and serves all races, genders, shapes, sizes, and orientations.

The Challenge

Allebach was looking to raise his awareness and gain national visibility.  He tapped into the popularity of body positivity to bring the beauty of all-inclusive intimacy into focus.

Tattoo artists, physicians and people from all walks of life are photographed to level up their relationship.  It’s adventurous, so they reconnect,” said Allebach.

The Results

Allebach did a press release for an all-male calendar to raise money and awareness for PTSD treatment. Within the first few hours of posting a preview of the calendar it was liked and shared over 1,000 times.

Allebach also issued press releases on the growing trend of couples boudoir photography.

He received media pickup in HUFFPOST, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Philadelphia Inquirer, Bored Panda, The Mighty, and more – including TV and radio.

Before doing a press release I had doubts – like are journalists really going to see these press releases or are they just going off into the abyss? I found that eReleases was really invested in the success of their customers. My business has been picked up in magazines and on TV and radio. eReleases will help you get your company in the news every step of the way,” said Allebach.

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